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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Gained 1lb from Birth,,,woowoo!!!

I called this morning to learn Brinson is now 2lbs 2.9oz or exactly 1lb heavier than when she was born.

The nurse also told me she is down on her O2 rate from 25bpm to 20bpm and still saturating in the 90's. They also lowered her nitric again from 3ppm to 2ppm. So almost weened off.

Guess what? Because she has almost no residuals, they are going up to 7cc on her feeds. Cross your fingers.

I will go visit her after work, Lisa will be up there all day as usual.


Anonymous said...

It is so rewarding to see Brin looking sooo much better! Answered prayers, to be sure. We continue to remember all three of you, and little James and his family also. There has to be a special reason for these precious little ones to be here.
Stephen's mom

Meme said...

FANTASTIC NEWS 1 LB WOW.....She is so special and is surely a gift from God...

I pray every day for Zach and James who are so special too. One of these days they will have that playdate.

The Baldwin Family said...

One pound bigger! Whoo hoo! Yeay for another good day. So glad to hear she is doing so well. We sure miss seeing her every day!

Kim & Stephen

Mark said...

Brinson is looking so much bigger. I can't wait to add another lb!!

Onward to a bigger Brin. DR G