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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Doing well.....things have changed!

Lisa called me near the end of my golf game today to tell me Brinson is off the Nitric and the feeds are up to 10cc of milk over 2 hours. Lisa then said she was going to mow the yard and that make sure you have your phone because she would not be able to hear it while she was mowing.

I thought to myself what for. The hospital will not call because Brinson is doing great.....well enough for me to play golf 2 weekends in a row and for me to relax about the cell phone for a few hours.

I still kept the phone on....but I did not need it.

Things have changed, but Brin still has a long way to go. To give you an idea of what is still needed.

She is on 80CC a day on go home that she would need to be drinking 120CC * 8 or 8 bottles a day ....bottle feed. She still has a tube that runs into her belly.

For breathing, she needs to go from respirator to CPAP to nose prongs (like in the movies). So still a ways to go there.

And lastly she needs to be able hold her own body temperature. She is still being warmed inside the incubator.

Brinson is making progress now.....that everyone can see. YEAH!!!

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