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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Daddy feeds Brinson

I got there after work and just in time for feeding. Mommy was kind enough to capture it. Brinson is being feed 4cc with a syringe (gravity, suppose to be) through her OG tube (through her mouth there is a tube that runs into her stomach). They will not go up on her feeding till they are sure she can tolerate the milk. The residuals have to be minimal. If they were to over feed her and not check for residuals there is a chance she could spit up and suck it down her lungs....not good. That is why the check and go up slowly with the milk.

Here she is sleeping in the condo

Last night after the feed Brin was very restless. It could have been the noise or maybe I feed her too fast...not sure. Thank goodness she is in the condo. Quietness has made all the difference. Now she is only awake for a few minutes at a time. Preemies are suppose to sleep about 20 hours a day.


Anonymous said...

She looks just beautiful ! Good news about her weight, She will be a "hunka-chunka" before you know it. The Columbus kids have been asking how she eats. Brin will just have to transfer to the country when she gets ready for school-she has lots of big brothers and sisters there. Daddy---GOOD JOB ! You make it look easy. God bless your little family.

What is the news on Brin's podmate ? Hope it is good, everyone is praying for him too.

Meme said...

GOOD JOB DADDY....There will be many more feedings ahead for you...
that video of Brin sleeping is so cute and when she gets home I don't think mommy will be trying to wake her, will you?

Love to you all,