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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Monday, April 7, 2008

Big Thanks to Mrs. Neisner's class and Mrs. Bergfeld's class

Brinson has a lot of folks praying for her safe return home. And here are some 2nd graders from Columbus elementary that are sending their prayers and thoughts to her.

Thanks guys and gals....we really appreciate it.

Here Brin is in her new headband made by one of her fans. Thanks.

Extreme cuteness!!!

Here are the 2 posters made by each class.


meme said...

There are just so many people out there praying for Brinson now we need to add those precious little children to our thank you list.

I love the bow!!!!!


kristi said...

Hi--my name is Kristi Booker (daughter-in-law to Dyana Booker). My daughter, Katelyn is in Mrs. Neisner's class (she is the blonde on the back row). Her princess bow is too cute, and so is the bedding! I know where you can get more bows later on! I am so addicted to Brinsons blog and the progress she has made!! Yeah Brinson. I pray for her often! We were so excited when both of you were able to hold her!! Much love--kristi