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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Thursday, March 6, 2008

We have pee!!!

Brinson is 1 day old. Wow!

We have pee...yeah!
Dopamine has been reduced from .8 to .3 (they tried .2 and had to go back to .4 and then work down again)

O2 is down to 26%
Respirator rate is down to 30bpm

Good stuff, that means she can saturate her blood with less of the machine doing work,

Photo therapy has been started today. This is done to help prevent jaundice and because her liver is premature. Very normal.
Her skin is translucent and very very very thin and appears red.....because you see her blood. Scary.

Heather came in from Mexico today. She learned about what was going on and flew next day to see us and be supportive. Heather is temporarily working in Toluca. She is speaking, reading and writing Spanish. Awesome friend.....and it was a good distraction. You can read about her blog here if you are interested.

Lisa begins breast pumping today. It is very hard and I would not want to do it. It is very important because of all the benefits of milk. Brinson will be able to get her milk sometime in the near future.

What a trooper Lisa has been. With bed rest multiple times throughout the pregnancy, bleeding and ambulance and several times to the emergency room in the middle of night and through the loss of Cooper and now the transition from baby machine to mother. I think you have to be superwoman. She never gives up, I don't know how....but she keeps going. I love her very much and I know I could not do this transition without her by my side.

I just want to leave you with one last thought,
it amazing how you can love so unconditionally instantly! (quote from Lisa)

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