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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, March 7, 2008

Nana and Grampa visit Brin

Nothing is more amazing than seeing grandparents...ooh and ahh. Now this was Mom's second visit. She got to see Brin briefly on Birthday.

But this was Bert's first visit and he was sure funny. He had to get caught up on the blog before going, so he would not be in shock and overwhelmed. He was just amazed at her size..,..and definitely a proud Grampa

There are no shots of this moment....but take it from me it was neat to see them whispering to my daughter (introducing themselves and talking about her chicken legs....I assume)

BTW if you were keeping up, you probably wondering how Bert could be allowed. Well it seems they make exceptions if we have more grandparents than 4......which means Marion and Bert are now on the list and allowed to visit. We are really sad Mike and KD are not allowed to visit.

We learned with all the excitement this afternoon with the X-rays, that her temperature dropped a bit and they had to go up to 26% on her oxygen. Melinda (nurse) and Dr. Gee was not at all we will not worry. Very common for preemies.

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