Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, March 7, 2008

First diaper change

More pee....13cc. They know this by weighing the diaper....pretty cool. And the reason I know this is I changed my first diaper (assisted).

Her dopamine is down to .1 almost no Blood pressure medicine is needed. Excellent.

She is on room air and 34 bpm.....which is very good.

Her temp was 98.0 degrees....she has been quite low and she is in the range they are looking for of 97.6 to 99.0.

We got to see her a lot of her this morning. She appears to have my forehead (and hairline...hehe), nose, chin and thin upper lip..... she is just beautiful. You can see from the photos she is quite small in both weight and size. All stretched out she is about the length of a standard notebook paper, but her head and body would fit in the palm of my hand.

Look at the gap on my wedding ring around her arm. Just amazing.....


Jack said...

What great news! Sounds like everything just keeps getting better and better. Between the love, care, and prayers, your little one sounds like she couldn't be doing any better. You got a real figher on your hands. We love your blog site. A great way to keep us all informed. You folks take care. Our love and preayers are with you. Cheers, Pat & Jack

ned said...

Thank you very much. She really needs all the love and prayers she can get.