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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Eyewear Fashionista!

We took a trip to the optical shop this afternoon to order B's new frames. We decided to have her old lenses replaced and tinted so she'll have some sort of sunglasses. The clip ons I bought for her
She is quite the fashionista, however, most of the frames were too big. :( I think most of the pics are a litttle blurry thanks to a low battery but we still had alot of fun and she was a great sport about it. Should have the new ones by early next week. Which ones did we pick?? You'll just have to read on and see. :D

Aloha! (Mommy's fave)(too big)

Colorful Harriet Potter (too big)

Blue-green anyone? (too big)

"Anyone seen Brinson?!?" (gotta love the camouflage)(gigantic!)

Pure Princess! (tooo big) (Mommy's second favorite pick)

Groovy chick (lol too big)

Major stylin' (stillll too big)

These last two shots are of the ones we picked for her. (Finally, one that fits!)

"Ok, I guess I can live with these Mommy..."

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meme said...

Good choice...she is so adorable with glasses on...Love ya, meme