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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Simple things (and hugs for The Daleys)

It's the simple things that we are so grateful for. Brinson finally put a cup inside of another cup for the second time in the past few days. When I think of this time last year, we were worried she was going to die. Now we are all giddy over cup stacking...She is just such a miracle.

She saw Dr. Reid today and actually lost a couple of ounces. Dr. Reid isn't too concerned because at least B's showing interest in eating. We go back in one month just for a weight check and then in 2 months to see her again. Nothing was changed at this visit. (good)

Also, please keep the Daley family in your thoughts and prayers. Sara and Maggie aka Peanut Face :) are going thru alot of issues with feeding/reflux/ng tube/gtube etc. Sara has reached complete saturation and really needs the extra prayers. What we have gone thru with Brinson in that regard doesn't even begin to touch what they are dealing with. She's become a good friend. Sara, I'm sending tons of good thoughts and hugs your way. "Hopefully" that will help a little. *hugs*


Sara, Dan, & Maggie Daley said...

Well, jeeze, you're not supposed to make me CRY!! Love you. Won't it be fun when we can get these kiddos together someday???


Meme said...

What a big step for our little "B"... Good news from the doctor is always a blessing...I will send my prayers to little Maggie and her parents...Love you all...Meme