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Monday, April 21, 2008

A post from Mommy

Well, I am making my first official post. It's a very simple one. No medical info, no progress report...those are Daddy's doings. He's exhausted and in bed as I type this. I just wanted to share part of my day with all of you.

I got to hold Brinson today, doing the skin to skin. The nurse has me take her out of the isolette...scary. It was so nice feeling her against me. I would talk to her and sing to her a song my mom used to sing to me as a child. "Summertime" I would feel her wiggling and kicking gently under the blankets. They have me sit in a rocking chair so I was able to rock her just a little bit (too much stimulation is not good).

After putting her back in the isolette, I watch her. She mainly sleeps but I have to tell you...she makes all sorts of faces. I was lucky enough to catch the most beautiful picture of her yet. It's times like these and moments like this that bring me back to how truly lucky we are in life. No matter how much pain, anguish, agony, worry we have to endure.....with one look like this....she is so worth it.

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Meme said...

She is so beautiful. It looks like she is dreaming about something very nice since she has a smile on her face. I believe that the song "Summertime" is a soothing song for all babies, it worked for you Lisa.
Love ya,