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Monday, April 21, 2008

Continuous she can grow more!!!!

Well since Brinson has not been gaining as much weight as they would like.....0.7 oz and then 0.4oz over the last 2 weighings....she is being moved to continuous feeds. They will also alternate between formula and Mommy's milk. She needs more calcium to strengthen her bones.

Because Brinson has the stoma and because she is a preemie, she is not able to absorb as quickly as you or I. So it is important to make a change to get her going forward at the proper pace.

She has also been diagnosed with Osteopenia. So on her bed she has a new custom sign (Lisa made it) that states "Handle me with care....I am fragile". She has no fractures now, but it is possible she might get some. Nothing to worry about. Once the nutrition is straight, she will gain more weight and her bones will get stronger.

BTW Her head ultrasound has been moved to tomorrow.

Oh yeah, for those of you wondering what happened to James. He is doing fine. We had lunch with his parents (as well as some others) on Friday. He is in isolation and it is policy that once preemies go into isolation they do not come out until they leave the hospital. That means we don't seem them too much. Lisa runs into James' mom in the pump room sometimes.


Anonymous said...

OK baby girl,
Eat up and be happy and full! I thought you were growing well, but I say... enjoy Mom's milk and more!

Love you all,

Anonymous said...

Lisa and Ned, just wanted to let you know that we are all checking your blog everyday.. I passed this on to Wendy's Work... they are a Childrens Center with many momma and teachers there... They check on you all everyday... That baby is growing like a little weed...Love to all...Cathy Weschke