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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, September 20, 2008

We all survived the sleep study

The test was quite painful for the parents. Basically you sit in a low lit room to encourage Brinson to sleep. At first she was wide awake (strange environment) but then she went to sleep. Mommy and I played pass the baby until the very end when she was awake. Oh yeah, did I mention the test is for 4 hours?

She did the entire test with no oxygen, now the question is did she do it well it enough. We won't know until early next week.

Also, they increased her feeds from 22ml/hr to 26. We talked to the pulmonologist and pedi about a swallow study for her, so that will be in the works sometime. We are waiting to see a gastro doc to get that all set up. Mommy has been giving Brinson tylenol by mouth as well as sweet Ez (sugar water concentrate) periodically and the doc tells us that's ok.

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