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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Brinson's 3rd birthday party!!!

This past Saturday we had Brinson's 3rd birthday party. We were a little concerned when we woke up to rain. Rainy, cold...I was mortified. I hadn't prepared for 35+ people INDOORS. Thank Heaven by 3pm the weather was nice so the kiddos and adults could play outside. We had an awesome time. Brinson made out like a bandit again with all her birthday loot! I cannot believe she is 3!!!!
We had some new faces this year for the party. NICU podmate Morgan Manley came with her folks, B's classmates Lilyana and Megan came with their parents, Ned's co-worker Shawn Kirk and his family, our dear friends The Hardy's with their daughter Isa, and also someone very special to us, Megan Johnson who brought her daughter Ella. Megan was my Labor and Delivery nurse at Women's hospital. She was with us when we delivered Cooper and Brinson. She did our mold of Cooper's hand and footprints. She will always have a special place in our hearts.
And next year, I'm somewhere other than home. :)

Before the crowd arrived

We even decorated Midian's cage

Daddy and the birthday girl

Minnie Mouse


Me holding Zachary and Kim holding Brinson


Abuelo, Uncle Mike, and B

I took this one!!!

"Need a lift?!?"

Look at that masterpiece

Aunt Heather and B

The Tolberts and Jim Manley

Me with Megan

Zachary- King of the Hill

Dava and Stephen

B scaling the rock wall

Eric Hardy and Isa, Uncle Mike and Heather

B's classmate Megan and her mom Marie

B's classmate Lilyana and her parents along with Z and Kim

B and Megan

B and Ella

Wes and Lydia Tolbert, Kristi, Katelyn, Mckenna and Z

Isabella Hardy, Look at that smile!

Playin a lil ball

Dy and Mckenna

Eric, Ned, Heather, and Audra Hardy

Uncle Mike and Nana

Notice the Kirks and Chad Poeck (Dava's hubby) using our fine new front lawn furniture.

Meme chatting with the kiddos

Time for gifts!!

Opening her gift from Maddie Kirk. It was so cute, Maddie handmade B some artwork!!

How's this for names....left to right, Momo, Michele (Kirk), Megan and Marie!!!

Momo and Audra

The Manleys

Time for cake!

Wooot...she blew out her candle!





Dy and B

Dy, Meme and B on her new tricycle from Meme

Lots of schtuff!

After the party, the Baldwins hung out with us and had dinner. Do the kids look pooped?

My lil Monkey. I love you.

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Anonymous said...

Wow.. what an great party.. It is hard to believe little b is three.. time flies huh.. looks like she had a great time.. Love the pictures..
Wendy Sullivan