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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Water, Sand, Sun....Must be the BEACH!

Last weekend Meme, Mommy, Brinson and Daddy headed to Galveston for a little fun in the sun.

Kissy Kissy!!!
Little snack...ummm!!!
All this work on the beach makes me hungry
Mommy and Brinson catching some rays!

Brinson just loves the sand!

I have to put it in my mouth to be sure it is good! UMMM Sand!!!

Still teething...yummm...good bucket!

Stewart Beach already at capacity by mid morning
Meme and Brinson
Playing with Daddy, first exposure to beach fun and sun!


Meme said...

We had a wonderful day at the beach...looking forward to going again with all of you....Brinson will be a water baby like the two of you....Love ya..Meme

Sara, Dan, & Maggie Daley said...

Looks like you had a WONDERFUL time! We're taking Maggie in August, provided she is recovered from the surgery. I just can't wait to sit her in the sand to see what she'll do!! Brinson looks terrific!

Anonymous said...

Looks like loads of fun.. We are taking Shelby to the beach in July.. It will be her first experience too.. Cant wait!
Wendy Sullivan

Lizet and Adrian said...

Brinson looks like she really enjoyed the water! What fun!

We're looking forward to going to the beach too one day this summer, although we need to hurry up because it's already getting too hot.