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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Monday, June 15, 2009


Brinsons first zoo visit! I think she watched people more than the animals.

Beautiful day.....just so HOT!!!

Look at the monkey

We heard Johnathan the lion from across the park

2 leopards playing, well at least one thought they were playing

Meme and Brinson waiting for the Elephant Bath....that never transpired.

Even the wildlife was hot!

This cheetah squeeked like a domestic cat....pretty funny!

Merkats are always digging looking for food.

Mommy and Brinson headed around the park

Abuelo and Brinson in the petting zoo. She was so curious about the goats.

Who is more excited?

Brinson just loved the carousel

Brinson and Abuelo captured headed out of the zoo


Anonymous said...

Looked like a great outing...

Anonymous said...

OH I love Zoo's!! I cant tell who had more fun.. Mommy or Brinson?? Love your pictures..keep them comin'
Wendy Sullivan