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Friday, December 18, 2009

Sickness, Part 2

And the Zaldivar household illnesses continue....Ned's still coughing, I'm still hacking my lungs out (after 4 different antibiotics) and our little Miss B started running a fever this morning. We were up all night with her because she would just cry and cry. She was a limp little noodle that just wanted to be held. The past couple days she's vomited intermittently, no appetite, really irritable, wet cough,etc. We couldn't figure out what was going on, we thought she was teething. I called the Pedi first thing this morning when her temp reached 100.2 and we went in to see Dr. Rossell. Brinson was diagnosed with bilateral ear infections, apparently the worst Dr. Rossell has seen in 15 years. She said her ears looked really yucky with lots of pus. So hopefully now that we have Tylenol, Motrin and antibiotics on board, tonight will be a much better one than last. Good thing Meme is coming in tomorrow!! Just in time! LMAO!


Meme said...

I am LMAO too....Hope Brinson knows who I am with my MASK on....Love ya

Anonymous said...

so sorry the yickies continue...
BAD, Bad. Bad!!//
Love. Aunt b