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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


The dietician came to see Brinson today and she has finally hit the 20 lb mark....exactly. lol. Her length is 30 3/4in so not much of a gain in the past month, but at least she's gained some weight. Her eating habits are "normal toddler" from what I'm told, which include spitting out food, refusing certain foods, etc. On one hand it's awesome that she's "normal" but on the other, we can't really afford low calorie days.
Still a slow process in the walking department. She just fights and complains with Dava (OT) which is "normal". lol... Brinson is getting braver though. I catch her standing at the TV or the table and she will let go for a few seconds. I was hoping she would be walking by Christmas, but not sure that's gonna happen. No worries though. It just means she grows up a little slower. :)
In the verbal department, she is really babbling alot. Some words are sort of understandable. She said kitty cat this week....of course it came out as "kee kah" but hey! I knew what she meant! She says "yeah, turtle, baby, bathtub, Dava (LOL), uh huh, etc". It's just so awesome watching her.
The tantrums/bad moods are really seldom, thank God. She does have her own mind and she understands the word "no", she just chooses to ignore it most of the time when we tell her.
It's so amazing being a parent!


Anonymous said...

What a hunka-chunka . Go Brin !!!
She will be "running" from santa next year ! Hang in there mommy, she'll grow up fast enough. love you all, Merry Christmas !
TBFC (dy)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news at Christmas time... pretty soon she'll be walking/running all around and you'll long for the days when she was just learning to balance!!

Aunt B has some good news too... she landed a consulting job... will take her through March.

Love to all,
Aunt b

Laura said...

Yay, Brinson! We had some issues with Noah on the weight gain front - he was holding in the 23 pound range from mid-August until November. Dr. Krishna put him on Duocal to boost his calories and he's gained 8oz in the last two weeks.
Love to you all - hope to see you soon.