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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Monday, March 30, 2009

Party at Zachary's

This past weekend a few of the wonderful people we met while being in NICU met up at The Baldwin's. There was nap time, feeding, adult time, playing with kids and lots of cameras a going.....etc

And we all had a grand time!

Meme, Lisa, Sami (in the back), Brinson, Laura, Noah (already passed out), Grandma Marla, Me, Mr. Baldwin, Kim, Zachary, Wes, Lydia, William, Nancy, Chris and Allison (left to right)

Chris and Nancy hanging out with Brinson and Lydia

My Hot Mama!

Brinson just loves Kim

Allison with Zachary

Kim gets around with Lydia

Stephen and Sami

Nancy with Noah

William checking out the landscape while Allison in the back is filming all the action

"I am just checking this toy out"

Laura and Zachary sharing a moment...

Look at that big boy Noah

There is Zachary chewing on Meme

Brinson, Is Sami being fresh with you?

1 comment:

The Baldwin Family said...

We all had such a GREAT time! It was so great to see all the babies (and the parents too)! Happy end-of-RSV-season!

The Baldwins