Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Monday, March 9, 2009

More Birthday photos

We all got together outside and everyone had a ball.

Abuelo, I like your beard, it reminds me of Daddy

My Grandma spoils me rotten!!! :>

Future Babysitters in training :)

I love my Nana!

Momz & Kidz

This is one of my favorite moments. Both kids got placed on the grass about the same time...and then they proceed to stare at it. It was a pretty funny to watch.

Grass....what is that?
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Brinson loves her Daddy!

Good family photo! Thanks Meme

Meme Meme Meme!!!

Grampa.....don't let me eat the grass

Yum Yum

I love my cake Mommy!!!

Everyone signed the NICU book that Mommy made for Brinson

3 generations

Mommy opened all of Brinson's gifts cuz she was sleeping.

Hey Zachary, Come HERE!!!

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The Baldwin Family said...

Ok- the last picture is our favorite! Our Z-Man and his leading lady! Brinson's party was lots of fun and very memorable. Looking forward to hearing about more milestones and see you and our other NICU babies later this month!

The Baldwin Family