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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Surgery went fine

Brinson is in recovery room right now. She is off the vent and on nasal cannula (supplemental O2). She may have to go to a step down ICU if she does not come of the O2 right away, but it is too early to tell if that will be the case.

I just came out so Meme could see and Mommy is holding here right now.

We will know if the surgery was successful over the next few days.


Anonymous said...

Been thinking about you all day. Glad to hear she is out of surgery... Only good things ahead!

Aunt B

The Baldwin Family said...

YAY! We are so relieved the surgery went well and she's already off the vent. We're sure you are just so relieved yourselves.

Much love and prayers!

The Baldwins

Anonymous said...

TBFC has been praying for the PRINCESS, we just know she will be fine in no time. This is a walk in the park compared to what she has been thru.
lots of love and even more prayers...