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Friday, October 3, 2008

A little grouchy, but who wouldn't be??

Hello all, Mommy here. Daddy is rocking Brinson as I type this. I wanted to give an update, however I don't have any pics to post just yet.

Brinson is doing pretty well. They are keeping her on the nasal cannula for the time being but pulmonary doesn't expect her to go home with it. She is getting Morphine for pain, and today she was able to go 5-6 hours between doses. Last night she was pretty restless. I am hoping that tonite she will sleep better. She was waking up today, opening her eyes, noticing Mommy and Daddy, and then oh boy...she'd move and then the crying would start. Tonight she is better. She even got a little sponge bath.

Brinson missed a visit from some of her special friends at Woman's hospital yesterday. The transport team had to bring a baby over here to Texas Children's and stopped by our room but we were still in the PACU. We missed seeing Taji, Beverly and Jessica. Hope to see you guys again. :(

Today, she had some friends who were in the area for doctor appts stop in for a quick visit. The Baldwins were here in the morning and it was so funny to see Zachary and Brinson just staring at each other. Then The Hardy's swung by after their appt. Was great to see them! This afternoon Mike and Meme came to hang out.

We will try and get some pics posted tomorrow. Brin isnt in the best mood for pics so maybe she'll be feeling better. Oh, and no poop ya'll know what time it is!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I hope that the surgery was successful. I keep your entire family, especially Brinson in all my prayers and thoughts everyday. Please keep me posted. I'm still out of a job and out of work so if and when it's ok I would LOVE to come and visit. Surely she can have visitors by now. We live so close that it is non-sense not for me to come and visit. Miss ya and give Brinson a good kiss from Aunt Julie