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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Waiting at the doctor

While waiting at the doctor's office, I snapped a few pictures with my phone

Today was a long day for both Brinson, Meme and Parents. We had a doctor's appointment at 1130am in the medical center(28 miles, 35-40minutes in the car) with Dr. Rossell (peditrician)

With the doctor, we discussed seeing the Dr. Krishnan to determine when the feeding can be modified (change from feeding pump to rice cereal or bottles or something else). Her office will be doing the scheduling for us. Very nice feature BTW.

Brinson also gained 6oz in 7days (8lbs 11oz this is approximate based on accounting for 1.5oz in diaper and clothes she was wearing). That is good weight gain, so the doctor will not be making any changes to her feeds.

We also needed to get an electrolyte lab drawn. The lab is to determine if the electrolytes are balanced. Currently Brinson is getting Potassium Chloride in her formula. That means we needed to make a hike over to Texas Children's Hospital. That was a big ordeal...we thought valet would be easy, but it was not. Next time we will just park in the garage and walk up. A lot less stressful and you don't feel rushed.

We got home around 3pm you can see it was a long day. Everyone is sort of pooped.

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Anonymous said...

I want to come and visit since I have followed her ever since birth. That only makes since. I can bring my camera and you can take some pics of me and her. Let me know when is a good time.