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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

On a schedule

Brinson seems to be on a schedule and everyone is working around her schedule. We love it. Bath time is usually a fun time. So is the quiet times in the morning when all of us should be asleep. (sometimes when coming from her bedroom to the swing she will get a bit fussy which requires some patting). It just makes you realize life is so precious.

Bath time is so much fun, she turns into a zombie afterwards....

Snuggle time with Meme

I am so sleepy Daddy!!!!


Brinson in the Kitchen while making dinner

Fun time on the couch...

Just after tasting a lime

Yes she does!


What Mommy calls tormenting, if you listen closely you can hear her in the background.


Mommy!!! said...

Oh yes....Note that Brin is giving Daddy "the finger" in the last video there...I think that pretty much sums up what she thought!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful to see the "boring" stuff...It's time you get to enjoy that precious,"boring" stuff life is made up of, no more "excitement" miss Brin !!!!

Enjoy !!!!

Laura said...

Love Brinson's excessive hands!

Laura said...

Love Brinson's expressive hands! (LOL, I am apparently exhausted and had to try again!)