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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, July 25, 2008

To grin or not to grin....

....that is the question

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Adam and Aimee Freeman said...

Hello Lisa,

Thanks for posting on our site and to hear that it is not a sprint is something I need to get through my head. I am very impatient, but I keep trying to tell myself we are going to be here for a long while.

Your daughter is beautiful. I did not get a chance to read through the whole blog yet, but every free second I can get today I will. I am going to add your page to our blog if that is okay with you. I would like others to share in the journey you guys have been through.

I got the wristbands at and it is fun to design them online.

Thank you again for posting and I will be sure to keep you all in our prayers. Give Brinson a big hug for us and tell her "way to go"

Adam and Aimee Freeman