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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mommy only day!!!

I love my mobile

I like the monkey!!!

While Daddy is at home trying to get over a sinus infection, Mommy has Brinson duty all weekend.

They went up on her calories from 20 to 22 and her iv fluids are way down from 14cc per hour to around 5cc per hour. Another week or maybe less, we will be done with IVs....yeah!!!!. Which means they will be able to pull the yucky central line. Her feeds are up around 13cc per hour and she is finally steadily gaining. They going to try feeding her slowly instead of continuously....I am not sure if that will happen today if we are just talking about it.

We have had 3 plus days....which is a good thing because for about a week she really was not gaining. She has almost hit her top weight (which was skewed because of the obstruction). Check out the Growth Stats in the right part of the screen.

The CPAP settings will remain the same until she gets a consult from pulmanology....hopefully on Monday. Her O2 sats remain pretty good regardless if the prongs are in or not. She still needs something, but everyone agrees it probably is not CPAP.....which is a good thing.

BTW We are now holding a couple of times a day, usually once in the afternoon and once in the evening. AND No time limits. On Friday, I held her for nearly 2 hours, which was awesome. My arms were sore from just patting her back....pretty funny eh? I guess I need to hit the gym before Brin comes home. ;> Lisa held her twice yesterday as well.

100% wow

I am so excited about sitting up.


Anonymous said...

She looks soooooooo good !!! Keep it up Princess...
Good job on the feeds...Good luck with the pulmonologist tomorrow, one step closer.....
love ya...hugs and kisses.

The Baldwin Family said...

Great news about the feeds .... she'll be on a bottle before you know it.

We are keeping our fingers crossed that Brin gets to get off the CPAP and and get a nasal cannula for that little extra help. She should tolerate it a bit easier.

We hope Ned is feeling better.

Talk to you later,

Anonymous said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see her doing so well! She is truly a miracle baby!