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Friday, June 6, 2008

After morphine

Last night we visited with Brinson and she was wide awake before and after dinner till about 830pm. That is sort of unusual for her. We think she was waiting on her fix (morphine). But after sleeping for 2 days pretty much straight I guess you have to wake up sometime.

The shot above is Brinson grunting. Pretty funny, she turns beat red and stretches. She is acting more and more like a term baby.

We learned this morning that she need some morphine around 4am and that she now weighs 4lbs 6.9oz. The swelling is much better and likely she has gained more than we orginally thought.

We are still waiting on the poop.

Tonight we are going to try and grab a movie.....just to do something a little different.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What great pictures, she is just beautiful!!
We have been waiting anxiously to see her awake. So happy all is well, the "poop" prayers are on their way, better tape on that diaper tight!
You two enjoy the "mommy & daddy" time, you both deserve it. Have a glass of wine on the "Brinson fan club".