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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Meme holds Brinson!

Meme wasted no time getting settled, she came straight from the plane to hold her granddaughter Brinson. Meme held her for about 40 minutes and loved every minute of it.


Anonymous said...

I know you are thrilled to finally hold your granddaughter. Glad you doing well.. don't take all Brinson's hugs... I want one sometime...

Leann said...

How sweet!! I know Meme couldn't wait for that moment. I let Brayson watch the video. He was happy to see meme and when I asked who she was holding he even said Baby Brinson. It was so cute.

I Love Everyone!!

Anonymous said...

Meme Mary..
Glad you finally made it to Texas to see that precious baby..I wish I could hold her too... Enjoy every minute.. Wendy Sullivan

Linda Inglett said...

Hey Meme,

I knew I would find you, so your in Texas !!! That is so great that your there finally getting to hold your Brinson, I know moma is seeing this and saying something!!!
Congratulations again to you for your new member to your family....and my family too.
With love your sister, Linda which I am still stuck in Savnnah Ga...under house arrest....those brain aneurysms can cost you alot to you all
Linda, your sis, and Auntie too keep my message going to save story just came out in newspaper Lisa.. love you all