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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Today is 30weeks

So every Wednesday is a new week outside (6 weeks 1 day already) and every Thursday is another week of complete life. We are still counting the later because that gives an idea of where zero is. Day Zero for Brinson is 40 weeks or June 26th.

So today there are no new orders. The ultrasound of her kidneys (follow up) was normal. She still has 2 tests coming up on April 21 and 22nd. One is for her head and the other is for her eyes. Yes eyes....they have to check for ROP. Her eyes started really seeing stuff before they are ready and her vision could be affected by the early stimulation. This could mean surgery, and wearing glasses.

Last night she had some residuals with milk, so today no changes.

We got her weight this morning and not much has changed....meaning only .7 oz heavier. So we will have to find out what that means. I suspect that since all the proteins and fats have been removed and she is only on milk....that she is not getting enough yet. I know other babies in the unit have grown in spurts so we are not worried.

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