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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Galveston Moody Gardens 2011

We took a mini vacation to Galveston this past weekend. We stayed at the Moody Gardens Hotel and explored the Gardens. Brinson had a lot of fun. It was pretty hot, but at least we were inside/outside. We did the Rainforest pyramid, Aquarium pyramid, Penguin Encounter, Dinos Alive, 3D Bugs on IMAX, 4D Dora adventure, Colonel Paddlewheel boat, Bones exhibit at Discovery museum, and Palm Beach waterpark. A lot of stuff to do in 2 1/2 days but we managed to do it! And a few things we even managed to do twice. We got home yesterday in time for Brinson's first day of school today. It was really nice. I'm glad we did it, even if it was a
I am going to make a separate post with my cell phone pics, I couldn't get them organized well to put them in this post.

Time to start the day!! Wakey wakey!

Brinson was ecstatic to see Dora walking around at breakfast, her lil face just lit up!

Hugs for Dora

Waving bye bye to Dora

Inside the hotel lobby

Posing like Dora

Gettin ready!


Safari girl playing with the river otter

He was really cute and very playful

Looking at a butterfly on the bottom of the bench

Closer view

She loved walking thru the ropes

Playin in the water (yuck)

Playing in the air vent, Wheeeeee!

Carrion flower, smells like something dead




The 3 Musketeers lol

Ready for fun!

Exercising at the Bones Exhibit

Coloring a skull

And one!

And two!

Life size Operation game


Dinos Alive

She was all happy when we entered....

Then the dino

She went to touch this one's face, and right before she got to it, it roared, and she freaked lol!

No, mommy! I don't want to touch it

At least there was no crying!!

Rainforest pyramid (I think)

My Favorite Fish!!! Yellow headed Jawfish

Seahorse in center of pic

Another seahorse

Watching the fish/sharks/turtles with Daddy

Aquarium pyramid

Feeling coral

Boy, what a system!

Swimming like a shark

In the shark cage with Mommy

This was dinner last night at Cheddars.....exhausted!

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Meme said...

Wonderful pictures..Looks like all had a great time...My favorite is with Dora...Hope her first day back to school was a good one..Love you all.