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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Circus 2011

Brinson got to see her first Barnum & Bailey Circus last month. The whole family went with the exception of Grandfather. We thought he would be in Trinidad, but it ended up he was here...It was alot of fun, just a little long for We got to see the animals for a few mins before the circus started. I think B could've cared
By her reaction, I'd say she liked the trapeze act the best. She made it through about 2/3 and then passed out. I'm just glad we got to expose her to it. Hopefully next year she'll get more out of it.

Walkin in with Grampa

Group photo

Watchin the elephants with Daddy


Eatin a hot dog...she LOVES that hat!

This was about midway

Silly clowns

Only in

This was at the end, unfortunately my battery died right after this shot.

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