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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Festival of Lights 2010

Another yearly tradition we have is a "Ladies Night Out". Kit suprises all of us with an outing/dinner. This year Brinson got to join us. We went to the Festival of Lights and Imagine Christmas Show dinner at Moody Gardens in Galveston.
Man, oh man, was it cold near the water! The breeze off the bay was so colllllllllllld.....we bundled Brinson up! She looked like a little eskimo.
After we did the light show, we had an awesome dinner and then a musical christmas show. One of the acts was a kite flying spectacle. One of the flyers looked familar to me. For those of you who watched America's Got Talent last season, you'll know who Connor Doran is. He was there flying his kite. It was beautiful.
Brinson had a total blast. She sang and danced. It was alot of fun! Thanks Nana!


Eskimo Brinson

Aunt Kd, Nana, and Brinson

Only in Texas...Santa on an inner


The view across the Bay


Kissy fishies

I tried to get a pic of Brinson with Sponge Bob, but she was having none of it.


In front of a gingerbread house

Lights everywhere!

Unfortunately I only managed one picture inside at the dinner/show. It didn't come out so I only have the light show.

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Meme said...

Thanks Lisa for all the wonderful pictures and update...I sure missed seeing what she has been doing lately. See all of you on the 20th.