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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, March 13, 2010

More photos from Brinson's 2nd

Quite often I don't get a chance to post photos as fast as I would like. So, here are some shots from the weekend of Brinson's 2nd Birthday Party!

Enjoying her Princess Lawn Chair from Meme!
Abuelo and Aunt KD
Zachary and Kim
Uncle Mike and Aunt KD hanging out with Brinson
Lydia and Wes. If you remember us talking about that child the NICU in the next pod over always being loud.....well that was Lydia. Now she is a beautiful behaved child....well at the party she was. ;)
Brinson is lucky enough to have Dava come out weekly to help here catch up from being a preemie and 6months in the NICU. Here is Dava's child, Sadie enjoying the playset (Thanks to family)
Sydny and Sadie (Dava's kids)
Z-man enjoying the swing
We had such a beautiful day and because of helped spread people out in and out of the house. Thank goodness because 20+ people plus their kids in our house would have been crowded. The playset was a success!!! (Thanks to Uncle Mike and Abuelo)
Harry and Lucy hangin' out on the swing!
Brinson with Brooke (nurse from the NICU)
Brinson and Lydia doing a little bonding.
Cake time with Mommy
Matt with his son Levi
Nana and Grampa
TBFC - Kristi, Katelyn and Dy (McKenna....not pictured also came) watching the gifts to be opened
Mommy opening the gifts (look at the motorized bike below...Thanks Dy, Brinson loves it)
Joren (Arika's oldest) and Nichola holding her daughter Lucy
Playing with her grocery cart the next day!
Ummm....a little corn on the cob.

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures- Looks like birthday was a great time. She has come such a long way. You all have done a great job. Sorry to hear you have all been under the weahther- I think the bug is everywhere. My family in HC had it and My family in Florida. Seems like it can travel through the telephone ( Ha Ha) take care
many more birthdays to come. Look out Mom & Dad the fun has just begun.
Mary S.