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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Superrrrrbowl Sunday

Yeah ok, so the Colts didn't win. Argh! If they were going to lose, at least they lost to a first time Superbowl team. We had a party here at the house. Of course, Ned has much better pics and I think he'll be posting his soon. We did teach Brinson TOUCHDOWN!...too bad we didn't have much use for it lol...

Brinson and Meme watchin the game

The cake lol..No I did NOT make it!


Look who came out from behind his camera!

Startin to do Touchdown!
Unfortunately, this storm petered out when it hit Miami.

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Anonymous said...

Hey guys.. I was just checking on you all. Looks like you had a fun party even with the colts big loss. I know the game is a sore subject at my house. Glad B is doing so well.