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Friday, December 31, 2010

My last post of 2010

It has been a very stressful week. Brinson had been doing some coughing which steadily increased. We took her to the doc where they told us her lungs were tight and she was wheezing. She's been diagnosed with Reactive Airway Disease and has now been on oral steroids since weds and nebulizer treatments every 3 hours round the clock. This afternoon we went to every 4 hours. Her coughing seemed to get better but now seems about the same. We came very close to going to the ER on weds night because she was just coughing constantly. Scared the hell outta me. Meme started giving her ice chips and that broke up the cough and gave her a break. Then she woke up this morning with pus draining from her ear. I had some antibiotic drops on hand so started using them. Thank God she doesn't have fever (Knock on wood). Ned and I are wiped out.
Meme has been here since the 19th and has been having back pain. She also had fallen on the ice about 4 days prior to her trip. It got so bad today that she couldn't walk. I ended up taking her to the ER and they gave her a pain shot and took some xrays. She already has an appt with an orthopod this coming Weds, so we just need to get her pain under control till then. She's doing better now and has gotten some relief.
What a way to close out 2010!!
Bring on the New year!!!! I'm ready for 2011!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Prayers for Brin, Meme and mom and dad ! hang in there.
lots of love, dy