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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Weekend Part 1

We just got back this evening from 4 days in Galveston. It was our first official trip with Brinson, and it went well....except for the nights she wouldn't sleep. She ended up in the king bed with us for 2 of the 3 nights. We stayed at the San Luis and while the hotel staff was very pleasant, I was unhappy with the view from our room. We tried to change rooms but none were available. I decided to not be angry and to just enjoy the mini vacation. We went to the beach, and took B to the pool. She just loves water!!! And I'm not sure the pics will show it, but that kid TANS! It's the cuban in her!!

On Saturday we got together with the Baldwins (and Kim's mom Marla) and went to Jamaica Beach for the day, then out to dinner at Landry's afterwards. Everyone was pretty pooped.

Tonight Nana is keeping Brinson so Ned and I could have some time to ourselves. It's so quiet in the house, it's crazy lol. Gee, I even have time to post pics in a timely manner!! Ned is in the process of downloading all his pics. He had the waterproof camera so my photos were limited.

Dyana and Dava, sorry we didn't get in touch. Things were busy busy busy!!! Love to all!

View of the room from our room. At least we could see the ocean.

At the pool


At the beach across from the hotel


She did sleep some in the playard....she's perpendicular!

Daddy and B

The Clan

Family photo op!

The ladies (and Z-man with his new boat!)

In the room wearing her new outfit from our dentist Dr. Hwang

Cutie pie! This was the closest to "posing" that she'd do!


Gee, more walking!


Meme said...

Sure looks like everyone was having a blast...Brinson is so adorable...Miss you all...

Sara said...

I think that spoon picture might be the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life.