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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fun times in the Zaldivar household

The last week has just been so pleasant here in the house. Brinson had vomiting on Weds night, followed by diarrhea on Thurs night.....My mom started vomiting Thursday morning...her diarrhea ensued shortly after. She was so sick that she was unable to fly back to Indiana yesterday. Then last night after dinner, my tummy was a little upset. Before I knew it, I vomited all last night and have had diarrhea since. Now this is the kind where you aren't sure whether to sit on the toilet and look for something to puke in, or to puke and hope you don't...well you know. It's been so severe that all three of us had "accidents" at one time or another. I cannot believe how fast it hit also. Today I'm running fever of 100.3-100.8 and that's after Tylenol. Mom ran some and B thankfully had none. At least the sickness staggered so that we werent' all sick at exactly the same time. Mom and I were just talking about how neither of us have been this sick for as long as we can remember. I just hope Ned doesn't get it. Anyone know if this stuff is going around?!?

On a side note, Happy Birthday to Kim today. Also please pray for her family, her aunt just passed away.

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Newman Family said...

The stomach virus has been going around in NJ for weeks. Brandon had it 3 weeks ago and my husband had it 2 weeks ago and my father in law got it a few days ago. So far I haven't had it. I hope everyone is feeling better soon.