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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Me and my big mouth

I really should learn when to shut it. With Brinson having her cough x 1 month now, and Ned getting the flu a week ago, my Mom in Indiana having sinusitis/lung issues, and Grammy and Grandfather battling (and sharing amongst each other) some horrid stomach bug,'t get sick. Until Sunday morning. Three doctor's office appts and 1 CT Scan later, I passed a 3mm kidney stone Monday night. Joy.
How on earth can something that tiny hurt so much? Labor pains pale in comparison lol.
Ok, so to top it all off, I wake up Tues morning with "the crud". I feel like dying lol. I think everyone we know either is or has been sick in the past week.
The good news is that Brinson's cough isn't any worse..i think...Ned's coughing isn't any worse...i think..and our bathroom remodel is almost done...i think. Nothing like being sick and having strangers parading around inside the house (hey, they were warned!).
Here's to a very healthy Christmas I hope...we've all paid our dues.


Meme said...

From one sicko to another hang in there it will get better...i think...maybe by getting sick now before xmas all will be well for celebrating on xmas day...Love you all. See you real soon. Meme

Anonymous said...

I heard about your crud...but not the kidney stone...ouch!
Hope you ALL are getting better.
Took me awhile back here before I stopped coughing.