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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Brinson is sicky-poo

Brinson has the crud. She's been coughing for about 4-5 days now. She doesn't have fever, and until tonight hasn't really acted sick. Tonight she's been whiney. I've called the Pedi and the GI and the At their advice we tried honey (she gagged which I knew she would) and hot apple juice (which she's not crazy about.) In the midst of all that she had some serious reflux the other night. She had been doing the gasping/gulping most of the night. Then we went from that to this......
She coughed so much that she vomited her dinner last night. It's so sad to watch her. I feel utterly helpless. Her face turns beet red, her nose runs, and her little eyes tear up. After several conversations with the doc office, we took her in today to see Dr. Rossell. The doc thought we might have to take her to Texas Children's ER last night because the coughing was so bad. I did everything in my power to AVOID the ER.
Anyhow, she's on meds I hope will work. She gets Xopenex/Pulmicort/Albuterol/Mucomyst via nebulizer several times a day. She's on Mucinex sprinkles and on oral Prednisolone for 5 days. I HOPE this works. Tonight at dinner were several more coughing spells, and we were up most of last night with her.
As I'm typing this she's asleep on the recliner with Daddy. I'm hoping she will have a better
If anyone has suggestions on cough rememdies please feel free to share.

Ironically enough....she was sick this same time last year with Respiratory crud.

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