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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Clap, clap, clap!!

I took this video of her this morning. The clapping she actually just started doing yesterday. She's starting to take a few, and I mean few, steps when you hold one of her hands. She's also started dancing, which I've tried on several occasions to get on video. It's so cute to watch her swaying back and forth. The first time she did it, we couldn't figure out WHAT she was doing, and we happened to be out eating dinner. Then she did it again at home, and it's so purposeful. Hopefully I can get it captured soon.

Does anyone know what to do when your child has figured out how to pull off the safety covers for the electrical plugs?!?! We've bought two different kinds and Miss smarty pants knows how to remove them. Bless her heart, she did it yesterday and I fussed at her and she actually tried putting it back.

P.S. Thanks Meme for everything. I love you and can't wait until you move here!


Meme said...

Your welcome Lisa...I enjoyed every minute I was with Brinson and you...I did what any mom or meme would do..Love you guys...

Anonymous said...

Lisa, Just one of many milestones to come.. She is just beautiful. Wendy Sullivan

Anonymous said...

We all are clapping for you Brinson. Keep learning all those new tricks!

Aunt B