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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Startin the weekend off with a bang

So yesterday we went to Texas Childrens to see the Endocrine doc for B's followup appt. We got lucky because the attending physician just happened to be Dr. Haymond, the "big dog" of the dept (Chief of Endo). He and Dr. Escalante discussed B's condition and while her GNRH stim test came back positive, they are saying that she is clinically not correlating. And those of us in the medical field know what they say..."Treat the patient not the test/monitor." He did order another hormone test (Estrogen and LH/FSH) as well as a wrist xray to see her bone density. He's not really convinced they will be able to tell us anything considering her last hormones were all normal but hey..what the heck.
Ned and I really do like him. He's very personable and extremely knowledgable. We are still getting the MRI done one day. Hopefully it will be in the near future. As of this point in time, we are going to just watch her. If anything changes or she starts having spotting, increase in pubic hair, breast tissue then we are to call them for an appt. Right now, we are seeing them in October. I have no problems whatsoever with not giving her the Lupron. I'm very happy waiting. He says we need to give her some "catch-up time" and Ned and I agree. Needless to say it was a very long day in the med center.

Sooooo, this morning around 3am, B was restless and woke up. Rocked her and she went back to sleep. Wakes up again around 4am. This time we think, okay, wet diaper changed...check...give her some formula/h20 (she drank over 2 oz)....check.....and voila she goes back to sleep. 30-45 mins later..(we are now at almost 5am) she wakes up vomiting. And she vomits, and vomits....then vomits some more to the point of dry heaving. No fever, no diarrhea, just some bloating in her belly which resolved later.
It was so pitiful. She was just wore out and exhausted, would fall asleep in our arms, and then wake up heaving and crying. She's about as pale as a sheet too. I called the doc around 6ish and got the nurse on call. Rather than go and wait 10 hours at Texas Children's Hospital ER we were told to go in to see the doc on call at 9am. We saw Dr. Propst who is very nice! And don't you know, Brinson starts perking up in the waiting room....oh yeah go figure. She held down about an ounce of water before we saw the doc. Anyhow, she has been diagnosed with her FIRST bug! Apparently there are several viruses that are going around right now. And a big thank you to TCH for being so Can you see my eyes rolling?
She has a virus.. could be the adenovirus....who knows?....woooohooo! The reason I'm cheering? Well, I knew it had to happen eventually and had been on pins/needles waiting for her first sick episode. Now it's over and done with, we are nursing her back to health. Knock on wood, no vomiting since about 745am. Clear liquids today, frequent small amounts. (Oh, and she did weigh 18lbs this morning...yay) As I'm typing this, Brinson's asleep in her crib. So keep your fingers crossed and the prayers coming that she heals quickly. I'm hoping she made it over the hump.
A big thanks to Nana for coming over first thing this morning after a frantic Mommy phonecall. She went with us to the doc office. It was nice to have an extra cuddler for Brinson. :)

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Sara, Dan, & Maggie Daley said...

Oh, poor B! And poor Mommy! (I sometimes wonder if it's jjjuuussstt a little tougher on us than them. They won't remember-- we will!)

Feel better soon, Brinson~
Maggie & Sara