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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Early morning

I got a call yesterday afternoon that they were going to do B's MRI today. We were up at 530...well Ned was up at 530..I got up around 6. We left the house around 7, got to TCH at 8. After being whisked away to multiple rooms (one for vitals, one for an iv and for her to be assessed) and then to an MRI waiting room, she went in after 10 and it only took 45mins. When we saw her again she was wide awake, but not really
She's like a wet noodle combined with a zombie. They said everything should wear off by the end of the day today. As I'm typing this, she's rolling around on the floor playin with her Maracas. The cool thing was getting to see her actually hungry and reaching for the bottle. That's a rarity for us.
She seemed to tolerate things very well, and I have to give a big shout out to Brittany, the nurse who put in her IV. One stick! I was so happy and impressed.
We should have some results by early next week.
On a side note:
The dietician came yesterday and Brinson is now 18lbs 8oz (up 12 oz since last month) and is now 29 1/4 in (up 3/4 in). She is still wanting us to try to get B to drink more so that will be our goal. I was happy to see that she's gained.

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Laura said...

Go, Brinson! We just missed you there, I think. We had eyes this morning at 9:30. Well, 9:10 until 11:15, but who is counting? :)