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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

NICU Reunion

This year the NICU Reunion party was held this past Saturday at the Children's Museum after hours. It was just awesome to see everyone again! It was emotional for me, I cried within the first 15 minutes we were there! (This is mommy posting by the way).
We were busy visiting and didn't get pics of everyone, You can see more great pics on Zachary Baldwin's blog------------------->

Kamryn and her Mama (Just a side note, Kamryn was exactly the same gestational age and weight as Brinson!) Her mama Tanya has awesome taste in clothes too!

Janai and her mama Lizet

Janai and her daddy Adrian

Aubrey and her daddy Jimmy

Aubrey with daddy and Mama Jessica

McKenna and her daddy Mike

Jasek and his mama Arika and daddy Curtis

Brinson and her Mommy!

Brinson with Kim

One of our favorite docs, Dr. Thompson

Lucy with her mama Nichola and daddy Harry (Lucy was B's pod neighbor for a bit)

Another pic of Lucy and her parents

Brinson with Amy from Child Life

Andrew and his mama (he was across the pod from B for a bit)

Brinson and Meme in the mirror

Talking with Emiliano's mama

"Doodlebug" with Dr. Bloss (surgeon)

Group photo

Daddy visiting
Can't wait to do it again next year!!!! Brinson had a ball and had smiles for alot of people. We also got to see Dr. McIntyre, Dr. Hernandez, Cheryl the NICU eye nurse (and our good friend), Brooke the social worker! as well as some other staff who showed up for the party. Brinson was pooped after the blast, and slept most of the way home.

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