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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, April 17, 2009

Quick Update

Easter was alot of fun. We'll be posting pictures at some point. Things have been busy. Brinson has been having vomiting episodes, some pretty scary because she chokes, and it comes out her nose. The OT and dietician will be coming on Tues to discuss what the game plan will be. In the meantime, we went back up on her Bethanecol to 4 doses a day. (We had her weaned down to 1). She just really doesn't want to eat. It is so frustrating for Ned and I because we want for her to get well and grow. She could care less about food and formula. Her volume has decreased so we are focusing on getting her calorie count up. My mom is coming back here next week. THANK YOU GOD! I guess she took pity on me from my crying episodes. I know some of you who read this will totally get what I mean. It will be wonderful to have my Mommy back with us.
I got a call from the Endocrine doc's office today and they are seeing us Monday morning. She said this appt was an "urgent" appt. Great. Just what I need to mull over during the weekend. At least B is getting seen and we can get this stuff worked up.
Other than that, things have been the same. Hope to have some pics up soon. They are all on Ned's camera that I still don't know how to operate.

P.S. Lizet, please send me an email. I left you a comment on your blog with my address. Thanks.

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Meme said...

Hang in there Lisa and Ned..Will be there in a few days. Just remember all Brinson has been through this is JUST a little bump in the road and she WILL get over it too...maybe not crawling but over it just the same. Love you all and can't wait to see that "B".......Meme