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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Endocrine appt

Brinson saw the Endocrinologist yesterday. They are doing a work-up on her with blood work and a pelvic ultrasound this Friday. They are seeing if she has any ovarian cysts and/or any accelerated development/changes in her uterus etc. The labs are to check for all her hormone levels, and honestly I'm not even sure what else.
The Fellow Md that we saw first said that she didn't think the pubic and axillary (underarm)hair was anything, but there is definitely some breast tissue. Then her attending doc came in and said Yes, it's "fine" pubic hair. She, however, doesn't have any body hair to be concerned with and no body odor.
So, in other words, we don't know anything yet.

Trina (dietician) and Dava (OT) are coming this morning. We are going to brainstorm and try to come up with a plan for Brinson in regards to her eating.

Brinson is starting to babble more. It's so cute. She actually said something resembling Mama yesterday but she sticks her tongue out. I don't think she knows what to do with it yet. Makes Ned and I laugh. We are so blessed with her. She's such a happy baby, smiling and laughing at everyone. She didn't even cry yesterday with the blood draws. They had to stick her twice. Aside from the feeding issues, she is just the sweetest child.

My mom comes tomorrow. Yay!!!

Will update when we get results in.


Meme said...

LISA I don't get there until Thursday so don't go to the airport tomorrow waiting for me I may be Love ya!

Laura said...

We're thinking of you all and keeping our fingers crossed.

Noah is doing the non-stop babbling thing now, too. It's so cute, but I'm afraid he's going to be a talker like his parents. I guess there's no way around that, now that I think about it!

Anonymous said...

I am sure Mom got you straight on the days she is coming. I know you are exited. It is wonderful that she can come and be with you when ever you call. We are sure glad she can be there for you and Brinson. She is a great one to have around, to help keep things so they are not so hetic. Brinsdon looks wonderful. Really cut Easter outfit. Keep up the good work kids, your doing a great job of caring for her.
Mary S.