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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Brinson over the last 2 weeks

Here are some candid photos of "The Brinson"

Brinson loves playing outside

Getting some one on one time with Mommy

Playing with Nana's beads

What a ham!

She loves playing with Mommy's hair

Yum yum!


Anonymous said...

Yes, you can certainly tell by the pictures and her expressions she loves it outside, and loves mom's hair, and she is a little ham. Thank God she is here to ham it up.
Great pictures. Counting down the days until June, hopefully there will be a trip to Indiana, so we can see and love on the real thing.
Love ya all . Tell MeMe hi- see her soon.
Mary S.

Anonymous said...

Love ALL the bluebonnet pictures!! They are all so sweet, just like Brinson. Me either, can't wait to see her! Will share some of my BB pics of the girls with you....