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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Monday, February 2, 2009

Pushing the couch

She is not pushing the couch. She is standing. Yes her legs are wobbly, but she can stand with some help like fingers or a stationer object like the couch.


Meme said...

That is WONDERFUL...she will be walking before you know it...XOXOXO

Leann said...

I just love her smile.

Anonymous said...

Standing: How great it is. It won't be long and she will be walking on her own, then look out.
Have you done all that baby proofing yet? If not better get busy she will take off, before you know it. She is truly a blessing. Did you ever in all your dreams think some thing could be so wonderful. The smiles that she brings to all of us. And the hope she gives to other parents in similar situations. She just gets cuter all the time. Those expressions are worth a million.
Love to all of you- Mary S.