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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Monday, November 17, 2008

Loves her thumb

Brin hates the bottle, hates the pacifier, but always has her thumb in her mouth. I took this today, she looked so cute. Her and I had a hysterical laugh session today that I unfortunately did not catch on video. I was too busy laughing/crying. I've never seen her laugh that hard, so hopefully there will be more! She is so generous too, she's even shared her cold with Mommy now. Lucky me! As far as her progress, I really can't tell if she's the same or better. She had more coughing and nasal gunk today (still white/clear/yellow) but I don't know if that's from the albuterol breaking it up. Last night Grandfather who is in Trinidad got to see Brin on the webcam along with me and Daddy. I am glad he got to interact a little with her. Hopefully he will be home around Christmastime!

We have a busy week. She sees the GI doc, the Eye doc and the Pedi doc along with our OT Dava. Enjoy the pic! Will try to post more soon.

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Anonymous said...

How precious, sorry you are sick too, hope you both get better very soon. The pictures are so cute, love the videos too, but some things(like the laughing video) are only yours to see, a mom's perks...
love and prayers coming your way