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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Princess Pics

More photos of our little miracle.

This one is from the first week of October when she was in TCH.

I'm so sleepy Mommy.

Loves to suck her thumb.

Allllllllllmost asleep. Zoning bigtime.


The Baldwin Family said...

She's just so beautiful! Sorry to hear about Ned's aunt, your family remains in our prayers. Zachary is over his cold, thankfully all he got was a runny nose. I can't wait to see the Halloween pictures! Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I admit it... if she sucks her thumb for years... I am to blame. I sucked mine til 10... Gave it up for lent...and it worked. but for now.. it is fine...

so sorry to hear about aunt Gladys. Will call.
Aunt b