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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Monday, August 4, 2008

You can just see more

....more of Brinson I mean. No more stinking CPAP.

We started working on our skills with Meds, feeding and ostomy bag. So h___ is not that far away. They are saying a couple of weeks.

She will likely have a few more tests before h___ like car seat test (make sure she can handle being in a car seat) and sleep study (check for not breathing...etc)

And then we are also required to take Child Infant CPR before we go as well.

But h___ is not to far away! Scary and Exciting at the same time. is so hard being a NICU baby!


Holding my own pacifier

Finger licking good!


Anonymous said...

vlmmpxShe was beautiful back then and now she is even more beautiful! How exciting to know you are closer to going, you know where...
Lovin' the cute outfits too!
Praying for more good news daily!


The Baldwin Family said...

We are so excited to hear about Brinson's great news. She's so adorable! We can't wait to see her again in person! We are remembering the excitement/fear we had when we brought Zachary h___ and can understand how you are feeling. The excitement part is so amazing and the fear, well, it does get better once she comes h___!

The Baldwins

Anonymous said...

All I can think of are the lyrics to "I'm Coming H.... I've done my time!!"

Praying that all the tests are passed, and she is H.... before long!!
Love, Aunt B