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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Game plan!

Ok, so we saw the pediatrician today. First off, the spots on Brinson's gums are NOT the start of teeth. She told me what they were and for the life of me I cannot remember the name now! They will go away, no worries. On the other hand, her gums are swollen so it will probably not be too much longer before she does start gettin her "teef".
On the feeding front.....we've been having a hard time for months getting Brin to take the bottle. She absolutely hates it. I've tried every nipple under the first always looks good but as soon as she finds out its the bottle, she will pitch a fit. Our OT was here yesterday, and Brinson actually drank from a straw!!!! And, I have also started her on squash and was a little apprehensive to tell the doc....afraid i'd get in trouble.
I just love Dr. Rossell...she told us "we are just gonna jump right into this, and when you go see your GI doc next week, tell her this was all my idea." The idea is that Brinson will get solid food 3 times a day, we are to feed her half of her formula at those feed times. Also we are to use a sippy cup or the straw and see how she does. We can switch veggies about every 4 days, and I also bought Barley today. We'll try that tomorrow. The other feeds we will just be putting it down the NG tube. She did really well for me this afternoon, but tonight after unsuccessfully looking for Christmas trees in the cold, she vomited when we were done. She was just exhausted and tends to spit up/vomit when she gets tired. I was taking a really cute video of her sucking on the straw tonite....till she vomited. So i will spare all of you that and we'll try to get one later.
Last but not least, she weighed 14lbs 15 1/2oz today!!!!! And we dont need to go back to see Dr. Rossell until her 1st bday! I was in shock!
All in all, was a great day. I actually got a little shopping done with Brin in the baby bjorn. (We only went to the gift shop in the doc office Kim, my back is killin me!!! It was pretty comical with me trying to get the baby in that carrier..........Brin is such a trooper, she just sat there while I twisted and tilted here and just smiled at me. "It's ok Mommy, I'm patient." LOL!

The tree hunt will continue tomorrow. Love to all!


Zachary's Mommy said...

Whoops! Next time I see you we'll have practice sessions with the Baby Bjorn. Congrats on all the great news! Miss you all!

The Baldwins

Allison Ruffner said...

Wow...I'm so proud of Miss Brinson! I hope she takes well to solids since she's not liking the bottles:) I can't believe how big she is getting too! Have a great holiday season!